The Top 5 Results of Prolox’s Moisturising Skin Trial

Finding the right skincare products can be challenging, considering the vast amount of conflicting information available. But knowing the facts about your skincare routine, especially for your specific type of skin, can be crucial to ensuring you’re using the right products and ingredients.

Prolox has conducted specific research into the effectiveness of skincare products for the over-50s market. In this blog, we’re exploring the results of Prolox’s consumer trial, which was conducted in March 2024 and identified several outcomes achieved by Prolox’s skincare range. 

To ensure an effective trial, Prolox verified the eligibility of subjects over 50 years old who self-reported a variety of skin conditions, including dry, delicate, itchy, or scaling skin. The participants, 86 per cent of whom were female, reported their baseline skin condition on sites including their legs and arms before applying the Prolox Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion and Advanced Barrier Cream for a period of two weeks. Here are the five top findings from Prolox’s consumer trial.

1. Increased Skin Hydration

We all know the importance of having hydrated skin, not only to avoid the uncomfortable perspective of feeling dry and tight but also as a means of protecting the skin from flaking, scaling and potential infection. Daily moisturising hydrates the skin and helps prevent it from getting too dry or unnourished.

The stratum corneum, the outermost layer of our skin, serves as a barrier to keep out allergens/environmental stressors and prevent moisture loss. Staying properly hydrated is essential to preserving the integrity of this barrier. 

Prolox’s trial participants scored their skin on a scale of one to five, one being ‘Very Dry’ and five being ‘Well Hydrated’. Participants reported an average increase in their skin hydration from a score of 2/5 to 5/5 when using the Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion and similar results for the Advanced Barrier Cream. 

When dehydrated, the skin is prone to dryness, irritation, and inflammation. By maintaining proper hydration, we strengthen our skin’s defences against outside influences, leading to healthier, more robust skin.

2. Increased Skin Smoothness

Maintaining smooth and healthy skin is facilitated by the storage of moisture and acts as a defence against environmental irritants. Emollients, which include ceramides, fatty acids, and natural oils, are substances that function to fill the spaces between skin cells. This process strengthens and restores the skin barrier in addition to smoothing the texture of the skin.

During the consumer trial, Prolox users reported an average increase in skin smoothness on a scale of five from ‘Very Rough’ to ‘Smooth’. Upon using the Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion for a two-week period, participants reported an increase in smoothness from 3/5 to 4/5 and even better results from the Advanced Barrier Cream, increasing from scores of 3/5 to 5/5.

One participant said, “I think in winter or very cold, windy weather I would prefer to use Prolox Advanced Barrier Cream as it will give beneficial protection against the

harsh weather.

3. Decreased Skin Tightness

One of the main ways moisturising lotions reduce skin tightness (or increase skin suppleness) is by replenishing the water content lost through the skin. Humectants, including glycerine, are frequently found in moisturising lotions. These substances draw water from the environment and the skin’s deeper layers to the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. 

Humectants help plump up skin cells by increasing moisture levels, decreasing skin tightness and increasing suppleness and elastic feel.

Prolox’s respondents noted their skin’s tightness versus suppleness on a scale of 1 to 5. The results showed an increase in skin suppleness from 3/5 to 4/5 for both the Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion and the Advanced Barrier Cream.

4. Decreased Skin Itchiness

Dry skin is the most prevalent cause of irritation because it lacks the moisture needed to keep the skin barrier intact. When dry, the skin forms microtears, causing an itch reaction. 

Prolox’s trial participants continued to show good results when ranking their skin conditions on a scale from 1 being very itchy to 5 having no itchiness. Scores went from an average of 3/5 to 4/5 when participants used the Prolox Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion, and even more drastic improvements for the Advanced Barrier Cream, with scores going from 2/5 to 5/5 for reducing skin itchiness.

Through a number of mechanisms, including hydrating the skin, preserving the skin barrier with emollients and shielding the skin with occlusive agents, Prolox’s moisturising range was shown to lessen skin itching. 

5. Decreased Skin Flakiness

Dehydration causes the skin to shed dead, dry cells, resulting in flakiness that can occur at any age, particularly for those over 50. When skin cells are kept plump and healthy by this increased moisture, they prevent drying out and flaking off.

The trial indicated impressive results for both the Advanced Moisturising Skin lotion and Advanced Barrier Cream, with respondents ranking their skin on a scale of ‘Very Flaky’ to ‘No Flakiness’. The products both resulted in an increase from 3/5 prior to the trial to 5/5 after the two-week period, showcasing that both products reduced skin flakiness. One responded remarked, “[It’s] easy to apply and how smooth it made my skin feel. The skin on my ankle has stopped peeling and flaking with the use of this product.”

Despite the abundance of skincare products in the market, Prolox’s Advanced Moisturising Skin Lotion and Advanced Barrier Cream cannot be underestimated, with 95% of respondents saying they would use the Prolox Advanced Barrier Cream over other available products that they have used. These products offer a variety of beneficial ingredients, including Swedish-grown Oat Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, and Plant-based Squalene. Prolox’s range does not merely hydrate the skin but also improves its external condition for those who experience dryness and irritation.

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