What Are The Benefits of Oat Lipid For The Skin?

The skin is the biggest organ in the human body. It protects internal organs, regulates body temperature, and gives sensory input. Because of pollution, stress, and lifestyle factors, skincare has become a must-have for preserving healthy and resilient skin, making it an essential component of one’s overall health.

There is now a wide range of products available to address every skin type and condition. However, selecting the best ingredients for our needs can take time and effort.

Prolox’s skin care products contain Oat Lipid Oil. This natural and versatile oil is rich in cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides, which are crucial components for a healthy skin barrier. Skincare products containing these key elements work together to moisturise, soothe and enhance the skin.

Skincare products developed specifically for the needs of those 50 and over must contain formulations that effectively manage the symptoms of ageing skin. Oat Lipid effectively nourishes the skin and combat dryness, fragility, sensitivity, and other skin conditions.


The Key Benefits of Oat Lipid

Over time, due to the effects of ageing and internal body changes, the skin’s lipid matrix diminishes, resulting in the skin being less able to retain moisture and more exposed to external elements. Oat Lipid provides several benefits that, when used routinely, have outstanding effects on the skin.


Excellent Skin Absorbency

Using Oat Lipid keeps the skin hydrated and protected. Hydrated skin is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the skin barrier, not simply for appearance. Prolox’s Oat Lipid products have excellent skin absorbency and are non-greasy. 


Prevents Water Loss

Water-resistant barrier creams provide a hydrophobic layer on the skin’s surface, locking in moisture while also preventing irritation, chafing, and inflammation. Whether used to defend against the drying effects of harsh weather or to protect sensitive skin during activities like swimming or dishwashing, Oat Lipid provides a dependable option for keeping a healthy and moisturised skin barrier.


Supports the Physiology of the Skin

Oat lipid also contains phospholipids and linoleic acid that further aids skin moisturisation and protection. These factors also decrease scaliness, resulting in a more stable and irritation-free skin barrier.


Skin-friendly pH

A significant factor in skin wellness is the pH of the products used. Oat lipid oil has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5, which is optimal for the skin. 


Supported by Dermatologists and Environmentalists

Oat Lipid is approved and supported worldwide by dermatological and environmental organisations. They are hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, ECOCERT certified, and GMO-free.


How Does Prolox Incorporate Oat Lipids?

Prolox’s advanced skincare range utilises the benefits of oat lipid to increase efficacy. The Advanced Barrier Cream, Advanced Moisturising Lotion, Advanced Hand & Nail Cream and Oat Moisturising Body Wash all contain oat lipid and are formulated to give you the best skincare results and a non-greasy feeling upon use.

Using skincare products that nourish and protect the skin can have a positive and holistic impact on our body’s health. The relationship between skin and overall health is bidirectional; just as internal factors can affect our skin, how we care for our skin can influence our internal health. While the cosmetic benefits of skincare are well known, its impact on our psychological wellbeing is equally significant.

To shop Prolox’s skincare range containing Swedish-grown oat lipid, visit our online store.


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